New Exams Coming - Advanced CCHT and LPN/LVN

As noted previously, the Commission carefully reviewed recent Practice Analysis and Role Delineation Surveys for technicians and LPN/LVNs and it was determined that there are significant differences in practice between entry level technicians and those who have been working for five or more years. It was also noted that there are definite differences in practice between all technicians and LPN/LVN’s working in dialysis facilities. Given this information, the Commission members have elected to increase the number of certification exams offered as described below. It is anticipated that these exams will be available the fall of 2012.

Development of Advanced CCHT Certification Exam
The credential for the advanced dialysis technician will be CCHT-A and will denote practice and experience beyond the minimum needed to obtain the CCHT. Criteria for this certification exam include the following:

  • 5 years of continuous employment and a minimum of 5000 hours as a clinical hemodialysis technician,
  • 30 contact hours of approved continuing education relevant to the practice of a hemodialysis technician, within the previous three years,
  • Current national certification as a CCHT, CHT or CCNT.

Development of Certification Exam for the Dialysis LVN/LPN
The credential for the certified dialysis LPN/LVN will be CD-LPN and CD-LVN. The eligibility criteria for this exam include:

  • 2 years and 2000 hours as an LPN/LVN working with patients who require or may require dialysis within the previous 2 years,
  • 15 contact hours of approved continuing education relevant to the care of patients who require or may require dialysis, within the previous two years.