NNCC Newsletter | August 2022

Monday, August 29th, 2022
NNCC Newsletter
August 2022
On The Move!
NNCC’s Chicago, Marquette & Philadelphia Summer
NNCC was on the move this summer! With NNCC examination board and test committee members reviewing and revising certification examination questions, commissioners ensuring NNCC’s certification credential recognition, and the examination boards/test committees beginning work on a major survey - this summer was one busy season for NNCC.
  • The Clinical/Technical Examination Board and Test Committee along with some invited guests were in Chicago, IL this past July to work on the upcoming clinical/technical survey as well as review and revise examination questions for both the CCHT and CCHT-A certification examinations. Thank you to all who participated in this meeting. We wouldn't be our best without the best!
  • The NNCC Board of Commissioners met this past July in Marquette, MI to continue our work to ensure NNCC's certification credentials continue to be the most recognized and honored credentials in nephrology nursing and among dialysis technicians. NNCC's mission is to maintain certification credentials that meet the highest standards in practice and patient safety.
  • The Nurse Examination Board and Test Committee met in August in Philadelphia, PA to review and revise examination questions for both the CNN and CDN certification examinations. The nurses have also begun their work in developing the upcoming survey. Thank you to all who participated in this meeting. NNCC is grateful for the work you do!
NNCC Board of Commissioners and all examination board/test committee members are volunteers who dedicate their time and knowledge to provide you with the credentials you can be proud to hold while demonstrating your hard work, knowledge, and commitment to your nephrology patients. Thank you to all NNCC leaders, volunteers and certificants for your commitment to excellence!

Attention Nephrology Nurse Practitioners:
Contact Hours Reduction
Effective 10/1/2022, the NNCC Board of Commissioners as well as the Advanced Practice Examination Board have unanimously decided to reduce the number of contact hours required when applying to take the CNN-NP certification examination to 20 nephrology specific contact hours approved by one of NNCC's approved accrediting bodies for continuing education credits. We hope that this reduction in required contact hours will help you to take the next step in your nephrology career and apply to become CNN-NP certified!

Attention Magnet Healthcare Personnel:
NNCC is reaching out to Magnet healthcare organizations and those organizations applying for Magnet status to make them aware of nephrology nursing certification. It is the goal of NNCC to promote the highest standards of nephrology nursing practice. NNCC offers certification examinations for nephrology and dialysis healthcare professionals.
  • CCHT: Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician, for the entry level technician
  • CCHT-A: Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician-Advanced, for those technicians with greater than five years’ experience
  • CDN: Certified Dialysis Nurse, for nurses working in the chronic outpatient dialysis unit
  • CNN: Certified Nephrology Nurse, for those nurses working in other areas of nephrology e.g., transplant, education, home therapies, administration, and others
  • CNN-NP: For those Nurse Practitioners working with patients with kidney disease across the spectrum
For facilities who pay for the certification examination application fees, we have developed a voucher system to enable the facility to pay for the examination without any upfront cost to the exam candidate. This will make it easier than ever for your colleagues to take the next step in becoming certified in nephrology! If you are working within a Magnet healthcare organization, we are asking for you to help in passing along this important information.

Introducing NNCC’s Newest Member
of the Clinical/Technical Exam Board
Welcome; Jennifer Barker, CCHT-A, Saluda, NC. NNCC is delighted to spotlight Jennifer Barker and welcome her as a new member of the Clinical/Technical Exam Board. Jennifer shares, "I firmly believe that since being asked to join the NNCC CCHT-A item writing team originally, and now to be a member of the exam board team, I have a renewed passion in my field of practice. Being on this team has lent to so many revelations for me personally and professionally.
I desire for it to reflect on how I perform with my care of patients and how I lead as a team member amongst my work peers. It is for me, after years of dedication to a craft that is so important, that I am awarded a sense of validation, appreciation, and prestige. I am so honored by having this position that it helps me strive to do better than yesterday and reminds me continuously of the bigger picture." Thank you, Jennifer, for joining the Clinical/Technical Exam Board!

NNCC Store: Show Your NNCC Pride
Show your pride in your NNCC certification or reward the success of someone you know with certification pins and gear from our store! Visit the store or download our NNCC store order form.

NNCC Text Alerts
Wish you could receive a certification expiration reminder via text? NNCC certificants have the option of receiving reminder notices via text messaging. Receive certification reminder notice via text message to your mobile phone at least 120 days prior to your certification expiration date. If you would like to sign up for NNCC text service, click the button below or text JoinNNCC to 855-383-6622 from your mobile phone.

Dialysis Technicians (CCHT):
Take the NNCC August Pop Quiz
NNCC's Question of the Month helps you test your knowledge. This month we pose this question for dialysis technicians (CCHT). Have fun! 
"Primary functions of the human kidney include which of the following?"
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