Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Certification

The occurrence of any of the following actions will result in the denial, suspension, or revocation of the certification:

  • Failure to meet all eligibility criteria for certification/recertification
  • Falsification of the NNCC application
  • Falsification of any materials or information requested by the NNCC
  • Any restrictions such as revocation, suspension, probation, or other sanctions of professional RN license by a nursing authority
  • Misrepresentation of certification status
  • Cheating on the examination
  • Applicable state and/or federal sanctions
  • Failure to meet continuing education criteria
  • Failure to meet work experience requirements

The NNCC reserves the right to investigate all suspected/reported violations and, if appropriate, notify the certificant's employer/State Board of Nursing.

The applicant/certificant will be notified in writing of NNCC's decision(s)/action(s).

Right of Appeal

An individual who has been denied certification, failed an examination, or had his/her certification revoked has the right of appeal. This appeal must be submitted in writing to the President of the NNCC within thirty (30) days of being notified. The appeal shall state specific reasons why the certificant feels entitled to certification.

At the individual’s request, the President shall appoint a committee of three NNCC members who will meet with the individual and make recommendations to the NNCC. The committee will meet in conjunction with a regularly scheduled NNCC meeting. The individual will be responsible for his/her own expenses.

The final decision of the NNCC will be communicated in writing to the individual within thirty (30) days of the NNCC meeting. Failure of the individual to request an appeal or appear before the committee shall constitute a waiver of the individual’s right of appeal.


For Certification Examinations:

Applicants requesting a refund must first cancel any scheduled exam date previously booked with the computer–based testing agency. Written refund requests must be submitted by the payee and received by NNCC no later than two (2) weeks prior to the close of the 90-day testing window printed on the permit. Refund requests received after this time will not be considered. A refund request must include the applicant’s full name, the last four digits of the social security number and the name of the exam being canceled, or the request will not be considered. Refunds are issued minus an application processing fee and any other non-refundable fees.

Recertification applications:

Recertification application fees are non-refundable. This fee is paid for the review of the application and does not guarantee recertification will be granted. All requirements for recertification must be met during the current certification period to be approved for recertification.

Late Recertification applications:

Applications may be submitted after a certification expiration date with an additional $50.00 late fee included.

  • All requirements for recertification must have been met during the recently expired 3-year certification period.

Late applications can be accepted for up to 18 months past the certification expiration date with the late fee included.

Incomplete application fee

An incomplete application fee will be assessed for any of the following reasons:

  • Missing information on application forms.
  • Missing required signatures.
  • Required contact hour forms are not included, or not completed.
  • Payment cannot be processed (i.e., credit card declined)

Recertification questions should be directed to NNCC at nncc@nncc-exam.org.



NNCC reserves the right to publish my name and certification expiration date by state on the NNCC website. Information obtained in the certification process may be used for statistical purposes and for evaluation of the certification program.

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