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NNCC's approach to certification has always been patient-focused, with the primary goals of promoting patient safety and ensuring quality of care.

Certification for Everyone

NNCC offers certification for nephrology and dialysis healthcare professionals in virtually any role, from technicians to nurse practitioners.

Nephrology Certification Leader

As a charter member of the ABNS, no one is more committed to nephrology-related certification.

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Certification Programs

For established nurse practitioners with at least 2,000 hours practicing in nephrology.


For RNs with at least 3,000 hours of experience practicing in multiple areas of nephrology.


For RNs with at least 2,000 hours of experience caring for patients who may require dialysis.
For LPNs and LVNs having at least 2,000 hours experience with patients who may require dialysis.
Reserved for clinical dialysis technicians with at least 5,000 hours and 5 years experience.
For practicing dialysis technicians with a high school diploma or GED.

NNCC Launches Text Alert Service

Tired of lost mail or blocked email messages? NNCC certificants now have the option of receiving reminder notices and important information regarding certification via text messaging.

When you sign up for NNCC mobile service, you will receive your certification reminder notice via text message to your mobile phone at least 90 days prior to your certification expiration date. You will also receive important news regarding NNCC and certification via text message. 

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Top News

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On July 10, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health. It was health care news with far-reaching implications, and the reactions and analyses are still rolling out.
NNCC has selected Aspirus Langlade Hospital Kidney Care in Antigo, WI, as the recipient of its first Quality Improvement Award.
Apply Now for the CNN-NP Career Mobility Scholarship. Keep the forward momentum of your career going with some help from NNCC.
Profiles in Excellence ... Former Executive Director, Nancy Gallagher
Profiles in Excellence...NNCC's New President, Theresa Mottes

"With new technologies and research, the field of nephrology nursing continues to evolve. My certification keeps me in touch with new trends and issues so I can better serve my patients. I encourage every professional nephrology nurse to get certified."

Maggie Dorsaint‎, CNN

"I am really glad that I did it... so much new knowledge that I've learned in addition to all the experiences... and my colleagues are very supportive."

Analiza CRNP, CNN-NP

"Being a CNN-NP means that I am committed to being the best Nephrology Nurse Practitioner by going the extra mile to better serve my patients."

Joanne, ACNP, CNN-NP

"...validates my professional expertise." 

Mary, RN, CNN, NE-BC

"Having my certification as a Certified Nephrology Nurse highly magnifies my knowledge and experience..."

Sheree Mullen, BSN RN CCM CNN

"Certification means the achievement of a level of professionalism in your chosen specialty. In addition, it shows that you are dedicated to your patients and colleagues."

Madeline, BSN RN CNN

"I've had great job opportunities. It has motivated me to become a better leader and inspire more nurses to become certified..."

Rebecca Rodriguez Nevarez, MSN RN CNN

"Being certified means that I am committed to providing the best patient care possible by keeping up on the latest research and educating my patients and peers so they too can make the best choices for their situation."

Megan L., CCHT

"Being certified ensures my patients and co-workers that I am up to date on renal education. My patients deserve the best, up to date care, and that is my responsibility as their nurse."

Lisa Weatherman, CD-LPN

"Being certified ensures my patients and co-workers that I am up to date on renal education. My patients deserve the best, up to date care, and that is my responsibility as their nurse."

Lisa Weatherman, CD-LPN

"Being certified says to my patients and colleagues that I'm vested in my patients, our program and the staff that I help train and mentor. As a nurse, I'm ethically committed to keeping myself educated and informed as I provide care to renal patients."

B. Burns, RN CDN

When surveyed, 95% of nurse managers responded that nursing certification "indicates attainment of a practice standard."

Brown, et al. "The Value of Oncology Nursing Certification." Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing​, 14(6), pp. E63-E69.

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