Get to Know NNCC President-Elect Lori Neal

Lori Neal, BSN, RN, CNN, has been a Certified Nephrology Nurse for 13 years with over 19 years in nephrology nursing. She enjoys working as a Clinical Support Specialist for Fresenius Medical Care and has a background in acute therapies, out-patient setting & management. Lori is currently working on her Masters Program in nursing, volunteers with ANNA and has served as a CNN item writer and also as a board member.




Tell us about your career and why you chose nephrology.

I choose nephrology nursing out of curiosity and a fascination with combining technology with patient care.   At the start of my nursing career, working in the hospital, I appreciated the dialysis nurses and the wealth of knowledge they carried with them.  As I transitioned into nephrology nursing, I found that a nurse specializing in nephrology has many pathways and options for personal and professional growth; it is very exciting to be a healthcare professional working with a care team that affects the patient on every level.  Over the years, I have had so many opportunities for learning and growth that I can't imagine not choosing this pathway.


Why do you believe strongly in the benefits of certification?

Certification has many benefits, for instance, the relationships formed with other healthcare professionals who support you in providing optimal patient care and commitment to your patients and their healthcare needs.  Certification provides confidence in the ability to be an impactful healthcare team member!


What motivates you as a nurse - and what drives you personally?

 I am motivated by building the nursing relationship with the patient – I love hearing their story, past reflections and hopes for the future.  Building that connection is so important and rewarding, reminding us why we went into nursing.


What are your hopes for NNCC, as an organization, and its members?

I love being part of the NNCC; I do not doubt that the organization will continue to grow and meet the needs of the ESRD community.  The compassion and promise of the NNCC to promote the highest standards of nephrology nursing practice through the development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of all aspects of the certification and re-certification processes will continue to be the organization's driving force.