Participate in a Research Project!

Participate in a Research Project!

In 2010 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandated that patient care technicians providing direct patient care in dialysis clinics must be certified within 18 months of employment. Nursing certification has remained voluntary. This study will replicate a study done by the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) in 2007 of the Perceived Value of Certification. We will compare our results with those of that earlier study to see if there are any changes in how nurses and technicians value certification.

2012 Nurse Exam High Scorers

Congratulations to the many nurses who certified by examination in 2012, showing their competency in nephrology. Special recognition is extended to the high scorers for the CNN-NP, CNN, and CDN exams:

  • Karen K. Hammond, MSN, NP-C, CNN-NP
  • Kathryn J. Kent RN BSN CNN
  • Mary Beth Morrell, RN, CDN


Apply now for the NNCC Award for Nephrology Nursing Certification Advocacy

This award publicly recognizes organizations that advocate for or promote any and all levels of nephrology nursing certification. Organizations that provide patient care to persons with kidney disease and employ
certified nurses and technicians are eligible to apply for this award. Organizations include but are not limited to free
standing outpatient dialysis units, hospitals, ambulatory care clinics. A unit or division of a larger organization is eligible to apply. The NNCC believes that such advocacy ultimately leads to quality patient care.


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