NNCC Newsletter | November 2022

Friday, December 2nd, 2022
NNCC Newsletter
November 2022
NNCC's Board of Commissioners Public Member receives Spirit of Caring Award
Congratulations, Kevin Harris! The annual Ted Jones Spirit of Caring Award goes to one financial advisor who best exemplifies Edward Jones’ values, culture, and spirit of giving back to the Region, Firm and their Peers. The award is given to only one recipient per region. Currently, only 316 people out of 19,000 can earn the Spirit of Caring Award.
This year, the recipient is NNCC Public Member Kevin Harris. The NNCC public member is a volunteer position held by an individual with no connections to the health care industry. The public member speaks for consumers, ensuring that their interests are considered in NNCC Board of Commissioners' decisions. To his core, Kevin is a giver. In addition to his work with NNCC, he volunteers for the United Way, his local Chamber of Commerce in his hometown of Deep River, CT, and several youth groups.
What is the most rewarding aspect for Kevin in his NNCC volunteer role? “The most rewarding thing for me is the opportunity. Just being able to be on the NNCC Board and have my voice heard is very rewarding,” Kevin shares. “I get to know the other Commissioners - who are all amazing by the way - and build those relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Career Mobility Scholarship Application
Career Mobility Scholarships will be awarded annually to support qualified, certified individuals in continuing education and development or support of a program to improve patient outcomes in the health science field. All application materials must be submitted and received by NNCC no later than November 30, 2022.

Call for Volunteers:
CNN/CDN Test Committee Members Needed
NNCC's Nurse Exam Board has an open call for one (1) CNN and (1) CDN to serve on the CNN and CDN test committees. Requirements include travel two weekends per year (expenses paid). Your job cannot include staff education other than precepting new employers. Interested? Contact NNCC at nncc@nncc-exam.org.

Meeting Notes: NNCC Board of Commissioners October Meeting in Pensacola FL
The Commission meets quarterly to conduct NNCC business, review the work of the examination boards, review policies and procedures and the NNCC strategic plan. During the meeting, the Commission approved the following appointments:
  • Karen Solcher has been appointed to be NNCC's President-elect for a two-year term effective 4/1/2023.
  • Jennifer Murray has been appointed to the NNCC Board of Commissioners effective 4/1/2023.
  • Timothy Ray has been appointment to be NNCC's Treasurer effective 4/1/2023.

CNN-NP Recertification Eligibility Criteria Change
Effective 4/1/2023: CNN-NP continuing education required for recertification have been reduced as follows:
  • Applicant must have 75 hours of continuing education approved by one of NNCCs approved accrediting bodies from approved providers during the prior 5-year certification period that meet the following criteria:
  • A minimum of 50 hours must be CME/CNE credits, a minimum of 25 contact hours must be specific to nephrology.
Programs/Presentations: These programs must be specific to nephrology practice. Certified nurses who present nephrology programs that are awarded continuing education credit will receive credit of five (5) contact hours for the presentation.
Independent Study: These programs include continuing education designed for independent study such as journal articles or website articles. Credit will be given according to the number of contact hours awarded to each offering.
The additional 25 hours may be obtained from any of the following:
Professional Publications: The publication of materials must be relevant to nephrology nursing. The format should be a manuscript, research paper, book, or book chapter and must be published by a recognized publishing house or professional journal. Fifteen (15) contact hours will be assigned for authorship or co-authorship of a book. Five (5) contact hours will be assigned for a book chapter, manuscript, article, or paper.
Academic Credit: Academic credits earned towards a health/science degree may be used. Fifteen (15) contact hours will be assigned per one (1) semester credit. Ten (10) contact hours will be assigned per one (1) quarter credit. Academic credits may only be used for one (1) certification period.
Precepting: Five (5) contact hours will be assigned for every forty (40) hours as an official preceptor in nephrology for nurse practitioners.
It is acceptable to obtain the entire 75 hours from CME/CNE continuing education programs and independent study. For more information on NNCC’s Commitment to Excellence in certification programming click here.

Reminder to Magnet Hospitals: NNCC Voucher Program
NNCC is reaching out to Magnet healthcare organizations and those organizations applying for Magnet status to make you aware of nephrology nursing certification. It is the goal of NNCC to promote the highest standards of nephrology nursing practice. NNCC offers certification examinations for nephrology and dialysis healthcare professionals.
  • CCHT: Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician, for the entry level technician.
  • CCHT-A: Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician-Advanced, for those technicians with greater than five years’ experience.
  • CDN: Certified Dialysis Nurse, for nurses working in the chronic outpatient dialysis unit.
  • CNN: Certified Nephrology Nurse, for those nurses working in other areas of nephrology e.g., transplant, education, home therapies, administration, and others.
  • CNN-NP: For those Nurse Practitioners working with patients with kidney disease across the spectrum.
For facilities who pay for the certification exams, we have developed a voucher system to enable the facility to pay for the examination without any upfront cost to the exam candidate. This will make it easier than ever for your colleagues to take the next step in becoming certified in nephrology! If you are working within a Magnet healthcare organization, we are asking for you to help in passing along this important information.

Nephrology Nurse Practitioners:
Contact Hours Reduction Took Effect 10/1/2022
The number one reason to become certified is to help ensure patient safety. Effective 10/1/2022, the NNCC Board of Commissioners, as well as the Advanced Practice Examination Board, unanimously decided to reduce the number of contact hours required when applying to take the CNN-NP certification examination to 20 nephrology specific contact hours approved by one of NNCC's approved accrediting bodies for continuing education credits.
NNCC hopes that this reduction in required contact hours will help you to take the next step in your nephrology career and apply to become CNN-NP certified! Please be aware that although programs may meet requirements set forth by other state boards of nursing, they may not meet the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission criteria.

Show Your NNCC Pride
Show your pride in your NNCC certification or celebrate and reward the NNCC certification achievements of colleagues and friends, with certification pins and gear from our store! Visit the store or download our NNCC store order form.

Nephrology Nurses (CNN):
Take the NNCC November Pop Quiz
NNCC's Question of the Month helps you test your knowledge. This month we pose this question for nephrology nurses (CNN). Have fun! 
"When reviewing protocols of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) with the ICU nurse, it is essential to emphasize which of the following?"

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