We all know that reality is such that what you learn in books isn’t what you see in actual practice settings. Is the test based on "book-smart" or "street-smart" information?

The preparation of the test is purposefully designed to be legally defensible and psychometrically sound. The test is kept up-to-date by the CNN-NP item writers to make sure every question is pertinent and current to today’s clinical practice. 

What are the range of scores typically seen in? How many people pass/fail?

The passing score of the test is determined by a panel of CNN-NPs who serve as subject matter experts (SMEs). Both experienced and newly certified NPs serve on this panel. This group performs a standard setting procedure (Angoff) in which each test question is reviewed to determine its level of difficulty.  The passing score is based on the level of difficulty of the questions and what number of questions need to be answered correctly to identify individuals who have an acceptable level of knowledge and skill.

What can I do if I don’t agree with the options provided for the answers?

The CNN-NP exam is formatted as a multiple-choice test so that there is only one correct answer out of four choices. If you disagree with any specific question or part of the exam you are free to contact NNCC directly after the exam and someone from the CNN-NP board will help answer your concern. 

Is there a review course for the test?

Although there is not an actual review course several options exist. Look under Practice/Prepare tab to download the free Certification Preparation Guide which offers sample test questions with answers and the option to pay to take the Online Practice Exam.

A "Nurse Practitioner Exam Review" was offered as an NKF Preconference option April 10, 2018. It included test construction, item review and audience response with exam question review and rationale. A similar presentation was given at ANNA's 2014 Fall Meeting (available via ANNA ProLibraries).

How are the questions on the test created?

Valid and reliable tests do not arise spontaneously from item writers. They are carefully planned to ensure that they are legally defensible and psychometrically sound. The blueprint, or test plan, identifies what content is included on the test and what majority of the questions are need to address for each type of nephrology patient clients and the activities performed by the NP.


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